The Israeli Defense Forces released footage to highlight the actions of the terrorist group Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

“What does a policeman do,” two girls are asked on a Palestinian television program. A voice over answers, “He catches thieves and people who cause trouble.

But he’s not the only one who has an answer to that question… on the split screen you can see another girl, about 10 years old, who adds: “And shoots the Jews, right?

Do you want to be like them? (by the policemen) Yes,” says the girl. So I can shoot them all.   

This Anti-Semitic indoctrination of children begins at an early age and not only with television programs.

”Hamas has turned the tunnels of terror into attractions and makes summer camps where they teach guerrilla and tunnel warfare to the children.”  said the IDF Spokesperson

”During these camps, young people undergo training and are supervised by members of the terror organization. There, they are indoctrinated to follow the line of the Islamic terrorist movement. They learn to shoot, they carry out military training where they learn how to kidnap Israelis”