Over 400 illegal aliens were arrested by Israel Police forces between Saturday evening and Monday. The large-scale operation also saw to the arrest of about 100 Israelis who aided the illegal aliens in various ways.

Border Patrol officers

Border Patrol officers Photo Credit: Hadas Parush/Flash90

In a nationwide operation, the Israel Police arrested 448 illegal aliens ahead of the Passover holiday. Furthermore, approximately 100 people suspected of providing assistance to these illegal aliens were also taken into custody.

The operation, which was initiated on Saturday night and completed on Monday, was named by the authorities “Riddance of the Leaven.” More than 2,300 Border Police officers, volunteers and police officers participated in it.

In addition to the 448 detainees, the authorities also arrested 17 people for providing accommodations to the illegal aliens, eight for employing them and 24 for providing them with transportation. Also, 14 others were arrested during the operation for terror-related activities.

Throughout the operation, thousands of eggs that were supposed to be smuggled into Israel were seized, along with a large amount of drugs. In addition, numerous car chop shops were discovered in the West Bank. The authorities also discovered an illegal weapons factory, where they found several lathe machines, dozens of weapons and pistol barrels. In Kalandia, the officers found an abandoned helicopter.

The Israel Police stated that two individuals who are not licensed to operate a helicopter landed the aircraft at the location illegally. The suspects apparently arrived at the same location a week earlier with a different helicopter. The two were also apprehended by the authorities.

“This was a large-scale operation that combined efforts of various police forces that operated to strengthen the safety of the normative citizen in Israel,” the Israel Police said. “The Israel Police will continue to act to protect the security, well-being and property of the normative Israeli citizens while maintaining law and order everywhere and at all times.”