The Israeli Defense Ministry announced a multi-million-shekel deal made with Rafael Advanced Defense Systems designed to protect all the armored personnel carriers and Merkava tanks.

Armored personnel carrier with a Windbreaker

Armored personnel carrier with a Windbreaker Photo Credit: Israeli Defense Ministry’s Merkava Project Director/Channel 2 News

Today (Thursday), the Israeli Defense Ministry announced that its Purchasing Administration will be purchasing hundreds of additional Windbreaker systems for the IDF. The supplementary systems made by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems cost several hundred million NIS. “Purchasing the additional systems is meant to ensure that every Merkava Mark IV and armored personnel carrier that comes off the assembly line will be equipped with an active defense system,” the Israeli Defense Ministry noted.

The purchase is part of a long-term active defense systems acquisition program. The Israeli Defense Ministry Diretor Res. Gen. Udi Adam instructed the Purchasing Administration to buy the new systems.