The bodies of 10 women and a child were found on a shore in Libya after a boat with approximately 120 refugees sank in the sea. Dozens of women and children are still considered missing while the search for survivors continues.


Archive Photo credit: Reuters/ Channel 2 News

At least 11 refugees drowned today and over the weekend near the coasts of Libya. United Nations (UN) agencies are worried that approximately 200 other passengers, who are now considered missing, also drowned. The disaster occurred after 2 watercrafts sank.

One of the inflatable boats, which held 132 refugees and asylum seekers, departed Libya and capsized only hours later. Approximately 50 survivors were saved by a Danish ship after the Italian coast guard asked for its assistance. Yesterday (Sunday), the survivors were brought to southern Sicily.

Representatives of the UN Refugee Agency arrived at the scene to meet the refugees who told them that dozens of women and children are missing.

The other boat sank near Tripoli, Libya. The bodies of 10 women and a child were found on a shore in Libya and 7 refugees were rescued by local fishermen and Libyan coast guard. The survivors said that at least 120 people were on board the ship, among them 30 women and 9 children.

During the weekend, over 6,000 refugees were rescued from international waters. Some were transferred to Italy while others were brought back to Libya.