The extremely powerful storm has caused floods and power outages in the Caribbean island of St. Martin, with local authorities ordering everyone to remain indoors.

Photo credit: Sefi Mantzur/Channel 2 News

Hurricane Irma has destroyed thousands of homes in the French territory of St. Martin in the Caribbean Islands. Local authorities have instructed people to remain indoors.

“People here have never experienced a storm of this magnitude,” Sefi Mantzur, an Israeli who lives in St. Martin, told Channel 2 News. “Cars were flying in the air and the entire infrastructure collapsed on our street.”

“We’re preparing for the possibility that food and electricity will be limited for an extended period of time,” Mantzur added. “Supermarkets have emptied and we’ve been without power for two days now.”

Photo credit: Sefi Mantzur/Channel 2 News

“The local police are not letting anybody out,” he said. “I can’t leave my hotel.”

The Israeli Foreign Ministry has ordered to evacuate Israeli diplomats living in Miami, after forecasters warned that the storm will reach Florida next week.