Hurricane Nate first made landfall near the mouth of the Mississippi River in Louisiana and weakened to a Category 1 hurricane after making its second landfall in Mississippi. Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and numerous Florida counties declared a state of emergency on Saturday, as did the government of Costa Rica.

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The US National Hurricane Center reported that Hurricane Nate, which first made landfall near the mouth of the Mississippi River in Louisiana, weakened to a Category 1 storm with winds reaching 85 mph. The center also lowered its alert level in New Orleans and is now warning against a tropical storm in the city of jazz. However, residents were told to remain alert as the hurricane can still regain power.

On Saturday, Hurricane Nate hit the islands near Louisiana with rain and winds reaching about 93 mph. Authorities in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and some Florida counties announced a state of emergency, as did the government of Costa Rica. Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards encouraged residents to prepare themselves for the storm. “It’s going to hit and move through our area at a relatively fast rate, limiting the amount of time it’s going to drop rain,” Edwards said. “But this is a very dangerous storm nonetheless.”

“We have been through this many, many times,” New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu told reporters, alluding to Hurricane Katrina. “There is no need to panic. We are encouraging the public to do all they can to prepare as we do in every weather event.”

Hurricane Nate is the fourth hurricane to hit the United States in less than a month, making this the first hurricane season to feature four landfalls in over a decade. Nate has already claimed the lives of 22 victims as it hit Central America with powerful winds and heavy rainfall.