The First Lady, who accompanied US President Trump on his first visit to the Saudi Kingdom, chose not to wear the traditional headscarf required by the country’s dress code. Two years ago, Trump criticized First Lady Michelle Obama when she visited the country sans headscarf.

Watch: Footage from Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia during maiden foreign trip

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First Lady Melanie Trump accompanied husband US President Donald Trump on his trip to Saudi Arabia and her lack of headscarf raised eyebrows among news outlets and social media users around the world. The President’s wife wore long sleeves and trousers to honor the dress code of the kingdom- but decided not to wear the traditional head covering.

This fashion choice would likely have gone unnoticed had it not been for then-businessman Donald Trump’s 2015 tweet about the Obama visit to Saudi Arabia: “Many people are saying it was wonderful that Mrs. Obama refused to wear a headscarf in Saudi Arabia,” Trump wrote. “But they were insulted. We have enuf [sic] enemies.”

President Trump’s daughter and senior adviser Ivanka Trump, who accompanied him on the trip, also chose not to don a headsarf. Saudi King Salman, who received Trump and his wife, shook hands with both of them and did not address the missing head covering.

Today, Saudi Arabia is one of the only Muslim-majority countries to legally impose a dress code- primarily with regards to women. Contrary to popular belief, while both foreign and local women are required to wear abayas (roughly translated to long and loose clothing), only local women are required to wear a headscarf.

As reported earlier by JOL, President Trump and the First Lady landed in Saudi Arabia earlier today (Saturday) as part of Trump’s first official foreign trip. A few hours after landing, the two countries signed a historic arms deal worth $380 billion.