Two Muslim women went to a restaurant in Paris and were kicked out by the manager. “Terrorists are Muslims and all Muslims are terrorists,” he told them. The incident was recorded and went viral on social media, causing an outrage. The manager apologized and the local police opened up an investigation.


Illustration Photo credit: Or Glezer, Channel 2 News

France is outraged by a restaurant manager in the suburbs of Paris who refused to serve two Muslim women. The incident was recorded in a video that was later published on social media, where one can hear the man telling the women: “Terrorists are Muslims and all Muslims are terrorists.”

The incident took place on Saturday at the Le Cenacle Restaurant. Following the video, demonstrators gathered outside the restaurant and the man stepped outside and apologized to the group. He explained that he lost control due to the current tensions surrounding the burkini ban debate but also because he had a friend who was killed in the Bataclan terror attack.

The local police opened up an investigation against the manager on the grounds of racial discrimination. “We don’t want to be served by racists,” one of the women told the man, who replied that: “Racists like me don’t kill people. I don’t want people like you here. Period.”