The first F-35 fighter jets will land in Israel soon and the Israeli Air Force (IAF) is very excited about their arrival. “This aircraft means that the future is already here,” said the IAF Commander.

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In less than two weeks, the first F-35 fighter jets will land in Israel. The rest of the jets, which are called “The Mighty” within the Israeli Air Force, will arrive in the coming months and years. The IDF will receive a total of 50 advanced fighter aircraft manufactured by Lockheed Martin by 2021. The jets will be distributed between two IAF squadrons. “This aircraft means that the future is already here,” said IAF Commander Brigadier General Tal Kalman.

The IDF started the project to purchase the fighter jets over a decade ago after it was concluded that these fifth generation combat aircraft are the most advanced. The IAF started to build many ground facilities and special simulation rooms in preparation for the arrival of the aircraft.


Archive Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

IAF officials are regarding the arrival of the aircraft as a revolution and saying that there has not been an advancement such as this one in the past 40 years. The jets are not only capable of hitting targets and collecting intelligence from deep within enemy territory. They are also capable of managing a complete battle from above ground. 

The jets are equipped with many sensors that are able to gather tons of information from the area over which they are flying. The jets’ systems can transmit and receive encrypted information in real time while their stealth capabilities significantly increase the likelihood of them not being detected.  

“This jet will see and hit targets, mostly anti-aircraft batteries, before it is detected,” explained an IAF Lieutenant Colonel.