After red alert sirens went off in Southern Israel due to a Hamas drill, the IAF is investigating why 20 interceptor rockets were launched by the Iron Dome defense system.

The Iron Dome

The Iron Dome Photo Credit: Miriam Alster/Flash90

The IAF is currently investigating why the Iron Dome system launched 20 interceptor rockets last night after red alert sirens went off in Southern Israel due to machine gun fire during a Hamas drill in the Gaza Strip. During the investigation, the IAF is expected to check the sensitivity of the radars in the vicinity of the Gaza Strip.

A number of possible causes are being investigated, including the possibility that a technical error caused the sensors to signal an incoming attack against Israeli territory to the operators of the Iron Dome. Another possibility is that the incident was caused by an operator who may have seen an object resembling incoming fire from Gaza in the radar monitor.

Initially, it was believed that missiles fired from Gaza towards Israel landed in open areas after sirens were heard throughout Sha’ar HaNegev, Ashkelon and Sderot. However, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit confirmed that no missiles were fired towards Israel. IDF tanks attacked two checkpoints in the Northern Gaza Strip, stating that “the IDF considers Hamas responsible for anything coming in and out of the Gaza Strip towards Israel.”

In response to the incident, Hamas denied firing rockets towards Israeli territory, claiming that the alerts went off due to the heavy machine gun fire during the large-scale exercise. During the drill, Hamas terrorists trained to attack Israeli tanks and fired rockets into the Mediterranean Sea.