Three rockets were fired into Israel from Gaza on Sunday and early Monday. One of them hit a residential home in southern Israel, causing property damage.

An IAF air strike in Gaza

An IAF air strike in Gaza Photo credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

The Israeli Air Force attacked six Hamas military targets in the Gaza Strip late Sunday night after three rockets were fired into Israel.

One rocket, launched at about 2:55 a.m., landed in the Gaza Strip territories. Earlier on Sunday, two other rockets landed in southern Israel, one of them hitting a residential home. No one was harmed though property damage was caused.

“It’s been very tense for a month now,” said a Gaza border resident. “There’s a great deal of panic. It could end with casualties.”

The Dotan family, whose home was hit by one of the rockets, say they had just come back from a Hanukkah candle-lighting when they heard the siren. “We started to run but we couldn’t make it (to a shelter) and then we heard the explosion,” recounted 14-year-old Noya.

“We were shocked and scared, but you get used to it eventually. Everything goes back to normal.”