The Israeli Air Force struck terror targets in Gaza overnight on Wednesday in response to the bomb detonated near a military vehicle earlier that day. Machine gun fire from Gaza aimed at the jets activated the Red Alert siren in Israel, as bullets hit an Israeli home in a nearby town; no injuries were reported.

IAF jet

IAF jet Photo Credit: Wikipedia

IDF fighter jets targeted Hamas terror targets in northern Gaza overnight on Wednesday. Bullets from machine gun fire aiming at the aircraft hit a home in an Israeli town near the border. No injuries were reported.

The IDF said the airstrikes were a response to the explosive device that detonated near a military vehicle earlier on Wednesday. “After the [IDF’s] strike, a terror cell fired with machine guns at an IAF aircraft, without actually harming it. Sirens were sounded in response to the shooting,” the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said in a statement. “IAF aircraft intercepted the terror cell. The IDF holds Hamas accountable for all occurrences originating from Gaza and  will respond firmly against all attempts to commit acts of terror towards Israeli civilians or IDF troops.”

The high tensions along the Israel-Gaza security fence continued throughout the week. On Monday, Israeli fighter jets attacked a Hamas target in northern Gaza after several explosive devices were placed along the Gaza border by terrorists who breached the security fence.