Eilat is arguably one of the top tourist destinations for families in the world. The city has endless activities and an abundant amount of natural attractions, such as the beautiful Red Sea with its coral reefs and marine life as well as the desert that lay just up on the city’s doorstep.

As far as accommodation goes, Eilat Hotel’s boasts some of the highest standards of comfort and customer service in the industry with one exception; The Isrotel King Solomon.

When you look at their website you may be blown away by everything they have to offer. Don’t be fooled though, as the service and the staff don’t look out for their guests who pay a good dollar to stay in their property.

Recently, a father of 2 young children stayed at the property and had a terrifying experience when the dresser in the room fell on top of his 5 year old daughter.

‘’Shay loves to explore new things, and when she looked in the dresser the entire thing fell on her. Luckily, I was able to react in time and catch most of it, but she was still badly injured’’ says the father.

‘’Not only that but my 2 year old crawled on the cracked floor tiles in this ”5 star hotel” and he ended up getting cuts and bruises’’.

What was the hotels reaction to all of this?

They sent up T-Shirts and ice cream for the kids.

Empathy did not come from the CEO Lior Raviv either as he told them that there is nothing they could do other than give them 1 night free next time they came back to the hotel.

What’s amazing is the arrogance the hotel management displayed, not only did they not care about the status of the children but assumed that they would stay with them next time!

Next time you plan a family vacation to Eilat, do yourself a favor and skip the hotel with the cracked floors that doesn’t care one bit about your children.