A group of prominent European rabbis have voiced concern over a new bill that seeks to ban circumcision in Iceland. They’ve called upon Jewish communities in Europe and the world to speak out against it.

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A new bill submitted to the Icelandic parliament aims to criminalize circumcision in the country, suggesting a prison sentence of up to six years for anyone who “removes sexual organs in whole or in part.”

Prominent European rabbis have voiced anger and concern over the new bill. The chief rabbis of Denmark and Oslo have issued a letter to the Conference of European Rabbis, warning that the bill has “a high chance” of being approved.

“Not many Jews or Muslims live in Iceland and therefore there are hardly any opponents to the legislation,” the rabbis wrote. “Only significant international pressure could help.”

“At this time, we ask of the Jewish communities in Europe and around the world to address the local Icelandic representatives and express their protest,” they added. “No country in the world currently bans circumcision, so this is a dangerous precedence that might influence other countries.”