Just hours earlier, a bomb was thrown at IDF soldiers during a Gaza border protest.

The Gaza border fence

The Gaza border fence Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

Four Palestinians crossed the Gaza border fence early Saturday morning, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said. They managed to burn a tire before being forced back to Gaza by IDF gunfire.

The infiltration came just hours after Palestinians threw an explosive device at IDF soldiers during a protest on the border. There were no Israeli casualties in the incident. According to the IDF, about 1,600 people took part in Friday’s protests, many of whom tossed stones at the Israeli forces. Some also attempted to damage security infrastructure.

The IDF used riot control measures as well as live fire “in accordance with the rules of engagement,” the army said.

Earlier on Friday, a flaming kite flown from the Gaza Strip caused a large fire near a southern-Israeli Kibbutz. Firefighting teams were able to get the blaze under control within several hours.