Since Saturday, Palestinian terrorists have tried to infiltrate Israel several times, prompting the IDF to respond with fire.

Palestinians scaling the Gaza security fence.

Palestinians scaling the Gaza security fence. Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

IDF soldiers fired on a Palestinian observation post today after two Palestinian terrorists were found attempting to cross the Israeli border with Gaza while carrying weapons and explosive devices. Palestinian terrorists returned fire on the IDF forces, with no casualties sustained by the IDF soldiers. According to Palestinian reports, one Palestinian combatant was killed as a result of the exchange.

The Israeli forces were called to the border after the Palestinian terrorists tried to infiltrate an Israeli town close to the border with Gaza. Armored IDF forces were sent to the scene and arrested two of the infiltrators. A third terrorist escaped back across the border while Israeli forces attempted to capture him.

When Israeli soldiers came to the scene, they were fired upon by nearby terrorists. The IDF forces responded in kind with tank fire. It is still unclear whether the terrorists were affiliated with Hamas or with Palestinian Islamic Jihad. The IDF’s spokesperson said that weapons such as knives and incendiary devices were found on the two terrorists who were captured.

According to initial reports from Gaza, at least one Palestinian was killed and another injured by Israeli fire.

Yesterday, Israeli forces attacked a Hamas observation post at the southern tip of Gaza after an explosive device was found buried close to the Gaza border fence. The explosive device detonated while Israeli forces were trying to remove it, with no injuries or casualties sustained.

This skirmish was the second attempted infiltration from Gaza in since Saturday. Earlier on Sunday, the Israeli Air Force conducted airstrikes on terrorist targets of a Hamas military compound in the Gaza Strip as a response to attempted infiltrations along the Gaza security fence. These events followed a week that has seen repeated attempts to destroy security infrastructure at the border with Gaza and mass attempts to storm the border by Palestinian terrorists.

Additional recent attempts by Palestinian terrorists at circumventing Israel’s security apparatus at the Gaza border included a drone carrying explosive material and flaming kites meant to cause damage to Israeli farms near the Gaza border.

In a statement released by the IDF’s spokesperson, it was asserted that the “IDF takes the daily attempts taken by the Hamas terror organization to harm security infrastructure within Israeli territory very seriously. We will continue to carry out defense missions and we will continue to ensure the safety of Israel’s citizens.”