Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip were hit by the Israeli Air Force in retaliation for the shots fired at Sderot on Wednesday. A Hamas military installation and a weapons production facility were destroyed in the attack. “Hamas is solely responsible for the events transpiring in and out of Gaza,” the IDF spokesman stated.

IDF fighter jet

IDF fighter jet Photo Credit: Kobi Richter/TPS

The IDF attacked Hamas targets in the northern Gaza Strip on Wednesday night in retaliation for heavy machine-gun fire at the city of Sderot and a number of shooting incidents targeting IDF soldiers during the day.

Four of the targets attacked by the Israeli Air Force were buildings and terror infrastructure in a military compound and three more were in a weapons production facility, according to the official statement released by the IDF spokesman.

“Hamas is solely responsible for the events transpiring in and out of Gaza, and is accountable for all terrorist activity emanating from Gaza targeting Israeli civilians and Israeli sovereignty,” the spokesman added. “The IDF is prepared to continue fulfilling its mission to ensure Israeli civilians’ security and sense of security.”

Six houses in Sderot were hit by machine-gun fire from the Gaza Strip earlier on Wednesday, including the home of former Sderot mayor Eli Moyal. No injuries were reported.