The attacks came after several Israeli strikes on military positions in Syria, but the IDF reported that no casualties were caused. Iran has not commented on the strike.

Iranian missile launch (archive)

Iranian missile launch (archive) Photo Credit: TPS

In the past few hours, the Israeli Defense Forces accused the Iranian Al-Quds Brigades of launching approximately 20 missiles at IDF forward military positions in the Golan Heights. After President Donald Trump announced American withdrawal from the 2015 Iran nuclear agreement, tensions in the region have escalated and the Israeli military went on high alert at the Syrian border.

The missile strikes come after Israel allegedly launched strikes on Iranian targets in Syria, fearing they could be used for a later attack. These strikes come after Israel targeted military positions in southern Syria as well as near the capital Damascus, with Syrian state-media reporting that most of the rockets were brought down. In preparation, the IDF had activated bomb shelters in the region and expected an imminent Iranian attack.

The IDF tweeted about the attacks below, indicating that Israel’s Iron Dome missile defenses intercepted some of the missiles, and no injuries were reported.

Iran has not made a statement on the strikes, but the IDF is expected to remain on high alert in the area.