Several Palestinian media outlets and radio stations have been broadcasting on a daily basis content that encourages its viewers and listeners to carry out terror attacks against Israel. Recently, the IDF and Shin Bet launched a major operation targeting these stations.

Watch: Palestinian media outlets encourage terror attacks against Israelis

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The IDF constantly finds itself battling the incitement encouraging Palestinians to carry out terror attacks against Israel that is broadcasted on television and radio stations in the West Bank. Recently, the IDF’s West Bank Division and the Shin Bet launched a large-scale operation that targeted the inciting Palestinians stations and shut them down.

Eight businesses that provide services to the stations Palestine Today, Al Quds and Al Quds were shut down. The Palestinian media outlets were labeled as outlawed groups due to the content they broadcast.

Hamas terrorists

Hamas terrorists Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

The offices of popular media outlets, including Palmedia, Ramasat and Trans Media, were raided and closed. In addition, equipment and documents were seized. These media outlets repeatedly broadcast video clips that praise terrorists and the journalists who work there encourage Palestinians to carry out terror attacks.

According to the Israeli security forces, many terrorists who were arrested said during their interrogations that they were inspired to carry out their attacks after watching the content broadcasted by these West Bank media outlets.