Today, the IDF warned that a further decrease in the duration of the mandatory service could hurt the military. In addition, the IDF is concerned that there is a decline in motivation to serve in combat units.


Illustration Photo credit: Reuters/ Channel 2 News

According to an IDF press briefing held today (Sunday), the military is concerned that there will be a shortage of combat soldiers due to the planned decrease in the duration of the mandatory military service by another two months. The move will require changes that could potentially impair the IDF’s operational ability, such as shortening the training duration of combatants.

In March, the first group of soldiers to have served four months less will be discharged. The IDF managed to overcome this challenge by shortening enrichment programs, recruiting more personnel to the relevant units and by signing combatants for additional service under improved payment conditions. In addition, there is an increased mobilization of reserve forces to meet routine security missions.

Meanwhile, the IDF Personnel Directorate is worried about a decline in motivation to serve in combat units as a result of the relative peace that Israel enjoyed over the past several years. Another explanation could be that there is an increased desire to serve in cyber and technology units.