The tunnel would have allowed the terrorist group access to Israel’s territory through the water.

Watch: The destruction of the tunnel
Photo and video credit: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

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The IDF last week destroyed an underwater tunnel designed to allow Hamas access to Israel’s territory through the sea, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said Sunday.

The entry into the tunnel was located inside a Hamas military facility in Gaza. It extended several meters into the sea, ending about 3 km off the Israeli shore.

The destruction of the tunnel was part of an extensive operation targeting Hamas’ naval forces. A naval base in the northern Gaza Strip was destroyed as well.

The IDF stated that it “will not allow anyone to threaten the security of Israel and will continue to take strong action against terrorism of any type.”

On Friday, four Palestinians were killed and 500 injured in clashes with IDF forces along the Israel-Gaza border. Palestinians flew dozens of incendiary kites and balloons into Israel, causing fires in more than 20 different locations.