Though Israeli security officials are predicting a much smaller turnout than usual, Friday’s events could determine the fate of the current ceasefire.

The IDF is preparing for the renewal of protests along the Israel-Gaza border on Friday after two relatively quiet days. Israeli security officials believe the number of protesters will be smaller than usual.

Despite a ceasefire agreement, which appears to be holding for now, there have been no discussions between Israel and Hamas regarding the March of Return protests along the fence, which have taken place every Friday for the past two months.

On Thursday, a senior IDF officer called on the government to pursue a long-term agreement with Hamas that would allow Israel to take humanitarian relief measures for the Gaza Strip citizens.

“The reality is changing right before our eyes. We are at a crossroads,” the officer said. “Gaza is going through the biggest crisis in its history. Hamas is in its most difficult time ever. Its fence protests are unsuccessful and its attempts to carry out terror attacks have failed.”

Earlier this week, about 70 missiles and projectiles were fired from Gaza toward southern-Israeli towns, prompting the most extensive Israeli attack since 2014. A total of 65 Hamas and Islamic Jihad targets were hit, including missile storage facilities, naval weapons and a training camp for unmanned aircraft.