The upcoming week in Israel is expected to be full of events that will heighten the tensions in Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza. Hamas is planning a massive march along the Israeli-Gazan border on Tuesday for Nakba Day, and the IDF is concerned that casualties inflicted during the march could ignite the area.

Protesters along the Gaza border

Protesters along the Gaza border Photo Credit: Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash 90

Across the West Bank and along Gaza border, the IDF is preparing for a massive march planned by Hamas for Nakba Day, which falls on Tuesday. The military has dispatched three additional brigades to the West Bank and Gaza area and placed the regions on high alert. In addition, the Israel Police has sent reinforcements to the Jerusalem and West Bank areas.

The IDF is concerned that if a high number of casualties are reported during Tuesday’s march, riots will erupt in the West Bank. In addition, there is a chance that masses of protesters will attempt to simultaneously cross the Gaza border into southern Israel.

Ahead of the Nakba Day, Hamas leader in Gaza Yahya Sinwar told students that he will participate in the massive march and hopefully become a “martyr.”  He added that the Nakba Day events and the protests against the US embassy relocation are the “last chance of breaking the siege.”

Overall, the upcoming week is full of events that require extra security preparations, starting with today’s Flag March in Jerusalem, the traditional event that celebrates Jerusalem Day. The march passes through the Muslim Quarter in the Old City. On Monday, the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem will be held. During the ceremony, which will be attended by senior White House officials, a special message that US President Donald Trump recorded in honor of the occasion will be played on big-screens. Later this week, on the first Friday of the holy Islamic month of Ramadan, thousands of Palestinians are expected to ascend the Temple Mount.