General of the IDF Ground Forces Yoel Strick has said the Lebanese Shiite terrorist group Hezbollah is still planning a surprise invasion of northern Israel; despite the fact that its cross-border tunnels were discovered and destroyed last year during Operation Northern Shield.

“Hezbollah still has plans to invade the Galilee, and of course we won’t allow that to happen, we will thwart these plans,” Strick said.

The General believes that Israel should be proactive by declaring war, ”if it were up to me, I would recommend declaring war on Lebanon and Hezbollah. I have no doubt that the outcome will be a decisive victory.”

“In the next war, it would be a mistake for us to distinguish between the state of Lebanon and Hezbollah, since Hezbollah is a political actor and part of the government,” he said.

Yoel Strick was promoted in February to lead the IDF Ground Forces amid criticism suggesting that the troops were not sufficiently prepared for combat.