The IDF has put up additional barbed-wire fences all along the Gaza Strip border in order to prevent Palestinian protesters from trying to cross the fence into Israel. 17 protesters were killed on Friday in violent clashes during what Hamas had promised would be a non-violent demonstration.

Photo credit: Wikipedia

The IDF has beefed up security near the Gaza Strip border fence, just days after 17 Palestinian protesters were killed in violent clashes with Israeli forces that erupted during Friday’s Hamas-led “March of Return.”

According to reports on Israeli media, barbed-wire fences have been added all along the border in preparation for the upcoming demonstrations.

Meanwhile, Palestinian officials have instructed protesters to bring mirrors to future demonstrations with which to blind the Israeli snipers, as well as buckets with which to cover tear gas grenades thrown by the IDF.

Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit stated on Saturday that at least 10 out of the 17 Palestinians killed had had “a clear terrorist background,” contradicting Hamas’ claim that only five of them had been members of the group’s military wing.

In addition, the IDF Coordinator of Government Activity in the Territories has confirmed that Israel is holding onto two of the terrorists’ bodies, stressing that Israel will not return them until the bodies of the Israeli soldiers and civilians being held in Gaza are released.