Two days after the IDF demolished a terror tunnel from Gaza, a senior official with the IDF’s Southern Command warns against complacency and believes that there is a good chance that the Islamic Jihad movement will attempt to exact revenge: “They are deliberating how and when to respond.”

Islamic Jihad Movement | Archive

Islamic Jihad Movement | Archive Photo Credit: Reuters/ Channel 2 News

According to the IDF’s Southern Command, “the incident is not over yet, the operation is still ongoing”- referring to the terror tunnel from Gaza that the IDF demolished earlier this week. Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement are still trying to extricate terrorists trapped in the tunnel. The IDF believes that the Islamic Jihad will “find it difficult to restrain itself” especially considering the extent of the damage caused to the terrorist organization.

“We must beware of complacency and of a feeling of success,” said a senior source in the Southern Command. “We are prepared with high readiness- there can be an incident at any moment. (We need) constant vigilance- anyone who acts against us and against our sovereignty will pay a heavy price.”

According to the source, “though Jihad is indeed coordinated with Hamas, it can also act independently. They will find it difficult to restrain themselves and this could be the firing of rockets or anti-tank missiles- they are deliberating how and when to respond.” Due to the security concerns, work on the border fence has been halted so as not to endanger any lives.

The Southern Command believes that Islamic Jihad will attempt to carry out terror attacks out of revenge, but not only from the Gaza Strip as “a terror attack could even come from the West Bank.”

The source also revealed additional details about the discovery of the tunnel and its demolition: “We allowed them to reach our territory so that we could deal with the tunnel. It was not a threat to the (Israeli) settlements at any stage. We kept track closely and we chose the timing and when to act.” 

He added that the terrorists who were injured were combatants from Hamas’ special navy commando. “They had diving and breathing equipment- they thought it would help them extract people from the area without oxygen, but they were injured and died.”