Two Palestinian who tried to cross the border from Gaza have been killed. The IDF said they were trying to cause damage to security infrastructure. Meanwhile, Hamas responded to yesterday’s explosion, claiming it “exposed an Israeli spy mission.”

IDF soldiers

IDF soldiers Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

Two Palestinian terrorists were shot today (Sunday) while trying to cross the Gaza border fence. The IDF said that a total of three terrorists were attempting to cause damage to security infrastructure along the border and that two were eliminated.

Meanwhile, Hamas responded to yesterday’s “mysterious” explosion in Deir al-Balah, where at least six people were killed and others were injured, claiming it had exposed an “Israeli spy mission.” The terrorist group said the six Hamas members had been working on “exposing an Israeli spy mission and had located a monitoring device placed in Gaza recently.”

The Palestinian Health Ministry reported on Saturday that the six people killed were civilians. But Hamas later said that they were members of the organization and blamed Israel for the deaths. It is still not clear how the explosion occurred. Reports said it could have been a “work accident” caused during terrorist activity. Meanwhile, Israel said it would not respond to claims made by “foreign sources” and did not take responsibility nor deny the allegations.