Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Tuesday that Israel would do everything necessary to ensure the safety of its borders following the country’s recent attack on Syrian military objects in response to the actions of militants on the border.

“We have attacked the cell and then those who directed it. We will do everything needed to defend ourselves. I propose everyone, including Hezbollah, to take it into account. There are not empty statements, but rather a strong message by the state of Israel and the Israel Defense Forces, and it should be taken seriously”, Netanyahu said.

On Monday night, four terrorists tried to plant an explosive device on the Israeli-Syrian border in the Golan Heights, were killed by the Israel Defence Force (IDF) from both the ground and air. Late on Monday, Syria’s SANA reported that the country’s air defense systems had repelled an attack in the southwest of the Damascus province.

In late July, Israel’s border with Lebanon saw an escalation of tensions as Hezbollah reported that one of its fighters had been killed in what it claimed was an Israeli airstrike, vowing to retaliate