Today, Israel’s Army Radio revealed that six female soldiers accused a senior-level officer in their unit of sexual harassment. The Lieutenant Colonel was suspended for two weeks and is under investigation.


Illustration Photo credit: Tal Manor/ Flash 90/ Channel 2 News

Today (Sunday), Israeli Army Radio revealed that an IDF senior-level officer, who holds a sensitive position in the Northern Command, was suspended for two weeks after six female soldiers that are his subordinates complained to the Military Police that he sexually harassed them.

The complainants claim that the Lieutenant Colonel touched them and made statements of a sexual nature on various occasions. During the investigation, the officer denied the accusations. His attorneys stated that he was very surprised by the allegations and that they expect the investigation will soon be over.

“During his outstanding service so far, no complaint has ever been made regarding his conduct,” his attorneys added. “The officer put himself at the investigators’ disposal and fully cooperated with the investigation.”

“The IDF is the people’s military and must serve as a moral compass for society as a whole,” the NA’AMAT movement stated. “Parents who send their kids to the IDF need to know that they are entrusting what is most precious to them to worthy and moral commanders.”