The Personnel Directorate in the IDF declared a revolution regarding the vacation days of conscripts. Instead of 15 vacation days, they will now have 18 and commanders will have the option to add 5 extra days.

Big change regarding vacation days for Israeli soldiers

Big change regarding vacation days for Israeli soldiers Photo credit: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit/ Channel 2 News

A change regarding the policy of vacation days for soldiers in mandatory service was facilitated by the Head of the Personnel Directorate, Major General Hagi Topolansky. Soldiers will now have 18 vacation days a year compared to the 15 they get now with the possibility for commanders to give them 5 extra days.   

According to the new order, vacation days for conscripts will actually be between 18-23 days a year regardless of other special or routine holidays at their disposal.

Up to 23 vacation days a year

Up to 23 vacation days a year Photo credit: Reuters/ Channel 2 News

Part of the changes that were made state that non-combat soldiers will not be allowed to remain on duty during “mandatory vacations weeks” in order to save up vacation days. From now on, they will have to take days off during these dates and use the remaining days on dates of their choice.     

Will now have to use

Will now have to use “mandatory vacation weeks” Photo Credit: GPO/ Channel 2 News

The Personnel Directorate explained that the new policy aims to bring about organizational effectiveness in order to exercise “mandatory vacation weeks” in the most optimal way. In cases when a soldier will still have vacation days remaining after the mandatory ones were all used, his/her commander will allow him/her to use them on other dates at his discretion.