22-year-old David Golovenchik, a commander in the Golani brigade, was accidentally shot dead during a training exercise in Hebron.

Photo credit: Channel 2 News

IDF Lt. David Golovenchik, who was accidentally shot and killed during a training exercise in Hebron, was buried Wednesday at the Mount Herzl cemetery in Jerusalem.

Golovenchik, 22, was a commander in the 12th Battalion of the Golani infantry bridge. “Your soldiers can attest to how admired you were as a leader,” said Lt. Col. Sivan Bloch, the Battalion Commander. “I saw how they followed you and trusted you. You performed your duties not because you had to, but because that was how you were brought up.”

His brother, Michael, said, “I always knew I had someone to rely on for help. I learned so much from you. Goodbye, dear brother. I’ll love you forever.”

The soldier who accidentally shot Golovenchik is currently in a state of shock and is being treated by mental health professionals at his base.