Several months after the IDF suffered a massive ammunition theft, the Military Police has completed its investigation. As a result, several senior-level officers were reprimanded and one officer was dismissed.


Archive Photo Credit: Israel Police Spokesperson’s Unit/ Channel 2 News

Recently, the IDF has completed its investigation of the ammunition theft from an emergency military armory. Head of the Southern Command Eyal Zamir decided to reprimand a number of officers and even dismissed one officer for negligence.

The Military Police opened an investigation which subsequently revealed that among the stolen equipment were 2,970 5.56 mm diameter bullets, 96 40mm diameter bullets, two 29 mines, 10 M16 detonators, 56 land mines and more. The suspects also stole the chain and lock from the container’s door.

Following the investigation’s findings, it was decided to reprimand the battalion commander in charge and to delay his promotion in the chain of command by two years. The deputy battalion commander and two other officers were also reprimanded for their direct and indirect responsibility for the theft. One officer was dismissed from duty. The investigation’s findings will now be transferred to the Military Advocate General.