An IDF officer is currently under house arrest after being questioned for attempted sexual harassment of a minor. He is currently suspended from his position.


Illustration Photo credit: Tal Manor/ Flash 90/ Channel 2 News

An IDF officer is under investigation for suspicion of attempting to perform an indecent act against a minor. The lieutenant was released under the condition of a 5-day house arrest. The officer was questioned on Saturday and was suspended from his position for two weeks. The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit confirmed the report.

Last month, an indictment was filed against an IDF combat soldier for raping and committing indecent acts against a female soldier who served with him. The soldier’s arrest was extended by 2 weeks. A gag order was issued on the case in order to protect the complainant. According to the indictment, the suspect also smoked cannabis on the day of the incident.

Another soldier was arrested in May for suspected rape of a female soldier from his unit. The soldier was questioned and the investigation is still open.