Soldiers from northern Israel have been put on high alert for fear of a retaliatory attack by Hezbollah or Iran following attacks on Iran-related targets in Beirut. The military believes that Hezbollah will attempt to attack soldiers or a military installation on the northern border, but not civilians, according to a report released Monday by local Israeli media.

The northern command of the army has been on standby for two days and has deployed all forces already present in the region, but it has not yet decided to strengthen the region with additional troops, said the report quoting a military officer.

“The Israeli response to an attack will be disproportionate,” the officer said.

The Israeli Defense Forces, however, have asked residents of northern Israel to continue their activities despite fears of an attack.“Civilian activities are to continue as usual. All activities can go on, including trips and agricultural work. There are no restrictions on movement. At the same time, we as a military are advancing preparations for every scenario. There will be a lot of movement in the area,”  the Israeli army told residents in the area. 

In the coming days, security officials will decide whether to bring additional troops to the area.