A large-scale drill was conducted by IDF and police forces on Sunday, which included simulations of worst-case terror scenarios such as infiltration from the sea.

Watch: Footage from the large-scale drill
Video credit: Israel Police

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The IDF and the Israel Police on Sunday conducted a joint drill simulating a scenario of an infiltration of terrorists into Israel from the sea.

The large-scale drill was conducted in several locations at once across southern Israel. The forces simulated placing barriers to close local roads and towns, as well as deploying special forces to tackle the terror threat.

Photo credit: Israel Police

Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan, who was supervising the drill, said Israel must be prepared for any scenario. “Hamas is solely responsible for the situation in Gaza,” he said. “Instead of investing in its population, it invests in building terror infrastructure and training for infiltrating Israeli towns.”

“We are preparing for any possible scenario,” Erdan added, “including infiltrations from tunnels, from the ground, from the air and from the sea. In each of those scenarios, Hamas terrorists would face determined and well-trained police forces. Hamas and the residents of the Gaza Strip will pay an extremely heavy price in the next war. We will protect the citizens of Israel in any way possible.”