A plot to carry out a terror attack was foiled on Thursday when an IDF policewoman detained a Palestinian teen carrying two pipe bombs.

Moral Salti

Moral Salti Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

Moral Salti, an IDF policewoman, hasn’t been in the army for very long, but can already say she has foiled an attempt to carry out a terror attack.

On Thursday, a Palestinian teen set off a metal detector outside the military court near the Palestinian village of Salim. Salti, who was guarding the area, was able to spot it on time and reacted quickly.

“He looked tense, he kept looking away,” said Salti. “He was wearing a green coat and I sensed that he might be hiding something underneath.”

As the metal detector continued to beep, Salti noticed two pipe bombs strapped to the Palestinian teen’s body. “I told him in Arabic to step away from the bomb and stand against the wall,” she recounted.