Ahead of the expected violence on Nakba Day, the IDF has stopped the construction of the barrier along the Gaza border. In addition, reinforcements were deployed on the area. The IDF has also warned the residents of Gaza: “Hamas is hiding its many failures and endangering your life.”

Gaza border

Gaza border Photo Credit: Gili Yaari/Flash 90

The IDF has decided to stop the construction of the barrier opposite Gaza in order to focus on security and not to create additional targets or endanger people during the expected violent riots along the Gaza Strip border later this week.

“The IDF won’t allow any harm to security infrastructure and will continue standing by its mission to defend and ensure the security of the citizens of Israel and Israeli sovereignty, as necessary,” the IDF spokesman said.

The IDF suspects that Hamas terrorists may try to burn and destroy engineering tools and security infrastructures along the security fence and has sent reinforcements to the Gaza border area. Additional troops have also been sent to the West Bank. Operational training of combat forces was stopped and most of their efforts will be directed to dealing with the expected violence.

Earlier today, Israeli Air Force planes flew over the Gaza Strip and distributed leaflets warning against approaching the security fence, damaging it and attempting to carry out terror attacks against Israel.

“To the people of Gaza, Hamas has recently been waging violent and terrorist activities against the State of Israel along the Israeli-Gaza border,” the leaflets said. “Hamas is hiding its many failures and endangering your life. At the same time, Hamas is stealing your money and digging tunnels at your expense. You deserve a better government and a better future.”

“The IDF warns against approaching the fence. The IDF is determined to defend the citizens and sovereignty of Israel against the Hamas terror attacks under the auspices of the violent disturbances,” the leaflets stated. “Do not approach the fence and do not participate in the Hamas performance that endangers you.”