In light of the second incident of spillover fire from Syria’s internal conflict in the past 24 hours, the IDF responded by attacking two Syrian Army cannons and one ammunition truck. Syrian media outlets report that five were killed in the attack.Israel warned today that no such incidents would be tolerated and each would be responded to.

The hits today in the Golan

The hits today in the Golan Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

IDF forces responded to the most recent spillover fire that landed earlier today (Sunday) in Israel from Syria by attacking two cannons and an ammunition truck belonging to the Syrian Army in the northern Syrian Golan Heights. According to reports from Syria, five people were injured.

Meanwhile, farmers and civilians were ordered to stay away from the Valley of Tears, New Quneitra, and open areas. In addition, the IDF contacted the UN forces stationed in the area to object the issue. As previously reported The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said it is not party to the internal fighting in Syria, and that it viewed the incidents of spillover into the country gravely, and would not allow any harm to come to the normal fabric of life on Israel’s side of the border.

As reported earlier today by JOL, a number of hits were identified in an open area in the northern Golan Heights, as a result of spillover from the internal fighting in Syria while yesterday (Saturday) tourists and travelers were evacuated from the Golan Heights in response to the first spillover incident in which seven mortar shells fell.