After destroying another terror tunnel over the weekend, the IDF revealed its strategy for neutralizing the underground pathways.

Terror tunnel discovered in Israel

Terror tunnel discovered in Israel Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

The IDF has revealed its special laboratory for locating and neutralizing cross-border terror tunnels dug by Hamas. The laboratory, which has been operating under the military’s Gaza Division for the past two years, uses advanced technology to discover the attack tunnels.  

Captain B, an IDF officer trained in electrical engineering and chemistry, runs the laboratory where physicists, engineers, intelligence personnel and geologists work. “What happens is the soldiers scan the fields and bring us the data,” a soldier who works in the laboratory said. “From the data, we can extract all kinds of graphs. We decipher them and search for things that look like changes or disruptions in the ground. That’s really how we find a tunnel.”

On Sunday morning, the IDF announced that a Hamas terror tunnel that stretched into Israel from the Gaza Strip was destroyed over the weekend. The IDF stressed that even though the tunnel, which began in Jabaliya, crossed into southern Israel, the residents of the area were not in any danger. The military decided to destroy the tunnel by sealing it up rather than bombing it.

“We are starting the week with an impressive intelligence and operational achievement, the destruction of another terror tunnel, the longest and deepest that has been exposed so far. A tunnel whose digging cost millions of dollars—money that instead of helping the needs of the residents, is drowning in sand,” Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman wrote on Twitter yesterday. “Residents of Gaza, Hamas is burning your money on tunnels that don’t lead anywhere. We will reach every last one of them.”