A recent study by State Comptroller has showed showing that since the IDF launched its suicide prevention program in 2020, the rate of suicides in the military dropped by 75%.

The surveys conducted showed that despite the continuing drop in suicide rates, trust in the IDF’s reporting of suicide incidents dropped in 2020 from 46% to just 38%. Younger Israelis tended to be more distrustful of IDF reporting on the issue, with just 29% of 18-24-year-olds stating that they trust the IDF on the issue. In comparison, 44% of Israelis 55 and older stated that they trusted the IDF on the issue.

According to Prof. Gil Salzman, chairman of the National Council for the Prevention of Suicide, Israel is below the global average suicide rate per capita, and the IDF is well below the average suicide rate per capita compared to other armies in the world. It is also below the average suicide rate in the age groups of service members, including the non-serving age group in Israel.

Additionally, the study showed that women trust the IDF on suicide reporting less (30.5%) than men do (45%) and left-wing Israelis trust the IDF on the issue much less(26%) than right-wing Israelis do (40%). Some 45% of combat soldiers trust the IDF on the issue, while only 28% of Israelis who did not serve in the IDF expressed trust on the issue.