The IDF has reinforced Israel’s southern border with Gaza with extra troops and more Iron Dome anti-aircraft defense equipment. This comes after a Hamas member was killed by IDF troops along the security fence on the Gaza border, in what the military said was a misunderstanding.

The man, identified as Mahmoud Ahmad Sabri al-Adham, 28, was shot by IDF troops as he approached the border fence in the northern Gaza Strip.

Hamas, the terrorist organization, declared that the death of Al-Adham would not be “without punishment” and that Israel would “bear the consequences of this criminal act”.

“Israel intentionally fired at one of our members while he was performing his duties. We are conducting an investigation into this crime,” the terror group added.

Last Friday, approximately 6,000 Palestinians attended the “Great Return March” demonstrations on the Gaza-Israel border.

Local Israeli media reported that since Friday’s demonstrations a number of explosive devices have been thrown at IDF troops. An IDF jeep was reported to be hit by a Molotov cocktail bomb that was thrown at by protesters. Luckily, no one was injured.

According to Palestinian media, 40 protesters were injured, including one seriously injured after being hit by an IDF bullet in the stomach.

With the uptick of violence, Egyptian intelligence officials have entered Gaza to talk with Hamas leaders about a cease-fire with Israel and attempts to achieve reconciliation with the Palestinian Authority.