The official 2015 IDF Soldier Complaints Report indicates a slight decrease in the number of complaints filed, yet it still outlines serious exceptional cases. A company commander who handcuffed a soldier against direct orders, degrading treatment of soldiers in the kitchen, and an imprisoned handcuffed female soldier who had her bed taken from her cell.

Many complaints discuss how commanders treat subordinate soldiers

Many complaints discuss how commanders treat subordinate soldiers Flash 90/Channel 2 News

The non-commissioned officers (NCO) network within the IDF Emergency Storage Unit is on the verge of collapsing, an imprisoned female soldier was degraded, and orders for executing a mission were sent to soldiers via WhatsApp. Those are just a few of the situations described in the IDF Soldier Complaints Report published today (Monday), detailing 6,371 complaints filed by soldiers in 2015, which is 340 complaints lower than the 2014 report.

The report that was published by the Soldier Complaints Commissioner of the Ministry of Defense details many complaints dealing with “commander-subordinate” issues, as described by IDF Reserves Major General Yitzhak Barik, the Soldier Complaints Commissioner. “Throughout the year I was shocked that there are command officials who did not act according to IDF regulations,” Barik explains. “Moreover – there are commanders who treat their subordinates against the IDF morals and the IDF spirit.”

One can find examples of degrading treatment towards subordinates, among other things. One commander purposely injured a soldier using a staple gun. Another commander beat a soldier, kicked him and hit him with the butt of a rifle, while an additional female company commander handcuffed a soldier against direct orders. Other soldiers filed complaints about commanders from colonels to junior officers who were verbally abusive, expressing racist statements and inappropriate language towards their subordinates.

A difficult and striking circumstance within the report is about an imprisoned female soldier, serving her mandatory service in the IDF, who complained about degrading treatment and harassment she received from the detention base’s commanding staff. The commanders took her mattress from her cell, as the company commander poured water all over the cell floor – all while she has arm and leg handcuffs, which are not in accordance with IDF regulations.