A theological argument almost ended in a tragedy: Last July, an IDF soldier was arrested after he stabbed a fellow soldier because the later insulted the former’s rabbi. As part of the plea deal that was reached between the sides, the defendant will serve 15 months in prison.


Illusion Photo Credit: Chen Leopold (Flash 90)/Channel 2 News

This week, an IDF soldier was sentenced to 15-month in prison after he stabbed a fellow soldier. The defendant stabbed his friend because he insulted his rabbi. The defendant also received a 6 month suspended sentence and will pay the victim 1,500 shekels in compensation.

According to the indictment, the 2 IDF soldiers started arguing over God’s existence. During the heated discussion, the victim insulted the rabbi of the defendant, Rabbi Amnon Yitzhak, which angered the defendant. “I will stab you, I’ll get a knife and I’ll cut you,” threatened the defendant.

Friends of the 2 soldiers separated them but later, when the victim stepped outside to smoke a cigarette, the defendant approached him and said: “I’ll slaughter you like a pig,” and “tonight- you’re dead.” Then, the defendant attacked the victim in his leg and hand with 2 kitchen knives.

The victim was able to run away and escape the defendant, who was apprehended by fellow IDF soldiers on the base. The indictment stated: “These crimes are serious and despicable, they have no place in a civilized society, especially not in a military base, where soldiers are required to serve side by side.”