Exactly 20 years ago, IDF soldier Guy Hever left his base and was never seen again. The IDF continues to search for clues. His mother believes he was kidnapped into Syria.

Hever with his friends

Hever with his friends Photo credit: Hever’s Website/ Channel 2 News

Exactly twenty years ago, on the 17th of August 1997, missing IDF soldier Guy Hever was seen for the last time. He left his guard post at the military base in the Golan Heights and since then, he disappeared.

The mystery still remains unsolved. According to witnesses, Hever, who served as a combat soldier in the Artillery Corps, left the base while wearing a uniform and in possession of his gun. This was after a weekend where had to remain in the base and his friends testified that he was upset.

One of the possibilities is that he left the base in order to be alone and ended up getting into trouble. Perhaps he accidentally entered one of the many mine fields in the region or fell into a water hole. Over the past several years, the IDF’s Location for the Missing Person’s Unit has been focusing its search efforts along the Jordan River, not far from the base in which Hever served.

Another possibility is that the missing soldier crossed the Syrian border. Hever’s mother strongly believes that he has been kidnapped and is being held in Syria. A cash prize of 500 thousand shekels (approximately 137 thousand dollars) was offered to anyone who has information that would lead to the answer. Despite many testimonies and efforts by leaders around the world to collect information, there has been no breakthrough.

Despite many new technological developments, creative thinking and unstoppable efforts even today, there is still no answer to what happened to Guy Hever.