Female IDF soldiers claimed that a planned Sports Day was cancelled because the women were wearing tights. They stated that the senior-level officers of the base ordered the event to be cancelled as the girls’ dress code was against the order of Proper Integration Command.


Illustration Photo credit: 123RF/ Channel 2 News

Career soldiers in the IDF Intelligence Corps arrived at their base today for physical fitness tests, after which a Sports Day was planned for the soldiers. However, according to females serving in the base, the event was cancelled because the girls were wearing tights without pants over them.   

The senior-level officers claimed their tights went against the Proper Integration of Sexes Command of the IDF, which states that women should wear additional pants over their tights during physical activities in which both genders participate.

“Due to the dress-code of the participants, which went against the IDF’s Clothing Orders, it was decided to cancel the activity.” The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit responded. “It is emphasized that the military’s orders regarding the dress code during physical activities are the same for males and females alike.”