In preparation for a massive Palestinian demonstration on Friday, the IDF has instructed Israeli civilians living near the Gaza Strip to carry a gun if they own one.

A view of the Gaza Strip from Israel

A view of the Gaza Strip from Israel Photo credit: Flickr

Residents of Israeli towns bordering the Gaza Strip were instructed on Wednesday that whoever owns a gun should carry it all through Friday in case Palestinian protesters manage to enter into Israeli territory.

The unusual instruction was given by military security coordinators – civilians who are in charge of coordinating security-related issues with the IDF. Armed residents were even told to carry their guns to synagogue on Friday evening, the night of the Passover Seder.

In addition, the IDF is planning to shut down the area adjacent to the Israeli side of the Gaza border fence and declare it a closed military zone in order to prevent Israeli civilians from being there.

Earlier on Wednesday, Hamas stated that the main purpose of Friday’s demonstration is to promote the Palestinian right of return.

On Tuesday, JOL reported that Hamas has set up a camp site near the Gaza Strip border fence to allow protesters to remain in the area for an extended period of time.