IDF forces in the area of Har Dov on the Israel-Lebanon border exchanged fire with Hezbollah terrorists on Monday. The terrorist cell was eliminated.

An IDF spokesman said, “We managed to disrupt an attack by a terrorist cell of the size of three or four terrorists who crossed a few meters into the sovereign territory.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, on his way to IDF headquarters in Tel Aviv, said, “We are in a security incident that is not a simple one.”

According to a Lebanese report, the terrorist cell attempted an ambush, firing a Russian-made Kornet anti-tank missile at an Israeli Merkava tank. According to Lebanon sources, the launch of the missile may have been meant as a distraction to give time for the cell to cross the border. Lebanese reports also said that Israel shelled the area around Shebaa Farms, Kfar Shuba and Al-Bahariya with artillery fire in response. However, the IDF did not confirm any of these reports.

No Israeli casualties were reported. Residents said they heard heavy exchanges of fire on the border area.