While Israeli officials make the final preparations for the highly-anticipated US embassy move to Jerusalem, the IDF is on high alert along the Gaza border. Tens of thousands of Palestinians are expected to riot in the area and attempt to simultaneously breach the security fence in protest against the embassy relocation.

Palestinians near the border (archive)

Palestinians near the border (archive) Photo Credit: Wissam Nassar/Flash 90

The IDF continues to prepare for the expected violence along the Gaza border fence amid the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem and Nakba Day events—which will likely draw tens of thousands of Palestinians to the area in an attempt to breach the barrier. Early Monday morning, Israeli aircraft that flew over the coastal enclave dropped leaflets urging Gaza residents to stay away from the fence.

The leaflets warned the Palestinians against being exploited by Hamas and stressed that the IDF is “determined to defend Israel’s citizens and sovereignty.”

“You are taking part in violent protests that endanger your life. Hamas is using you to cover up its failures and endangering you and your family,” one of the leaflets reads. “The IDF is prepared for every scenario and will respond to every attempt to harm the security fence or threat against military forces and Israeli citizens. Don’t let Hamas use you as its puppet…Don’t approach the security fence, terrorists and violent rioters! Safeguard your life and work toward building your future!”

Yesterday, JOL reported that the Israeli military and Israel Police sent reinforcements to the Gaza border area and the West Bank. IDF soldiers have been instructed to shoot to eliminate if they feel threatened during the violent riots that are expected in the next 48 hours.