Once again Israel has made huge strides in breaking gender barriers. Four women have become the IDF’s first female tank commanders.

After 16 weeks of hard training in the 460 Brigade they successfully completed the course. “We can now say  that an armored combat team can carry out operational duties in the Border Defense Array under the command of a female tank commander,” said Brigadier General Guy Hasson, Head of the Armored Corps.

Sergent Noga

Sergeant Noga, started out in the Bardelas Battalion and is now one of the first women to finish tank commanders course. “It’s a role that includes very interesting and challenging training. Furthermore, it is a one-of-a-kind role for women and opens a new window of opportunities for a job in which women can partake.”

After more than six months of training, the combat soldiers began working in the Sagi Brigade, under the Caracal Battalion, with a special platoon commander. The combat soldiers selected for the commanders course carried out operational work for a month and a half, while the rest of the combat soldiers continued in their operational assignments for six months. “There are additional operational values that we can achieve in the Border Defense Array and in the Armored Corps with these combat soldiers. “The training stage was defined as a success, both in terms of the training itself and the operational aspect, and all the targets set for the combat soldiers were achieved,” said Brig. Gen. Hasson.

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