A special division in the Israeli Defense Ministry is working on developing new technologies for the IDF. These innovations will not only save lives by relying less on soldiers in the field but also improve the accuracy of attacks on enemy forces.

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Drones equipped with weapons, electronic devices that will increase the accuracy of hitting a target and highly-advanced armored fighting vehicles—these are just some of the new technologies developed by the Israeli Defense Ministry’s Administration for the Development of Weapons and Technological Infrastructure (MAFAT), which is one of the most advanced and innovative defense technology agencies in the world.

These technologies, which were designed to assist IDF soldiers in future wars and battles, indicate that while the battlefield may continue to be the main front for combat, advanced technology will help save the lives of soldiers and ensure a more accurate attack.  


The “Carmel”- Small, fast and deadly Photo Credit: MAFAT/ Channel 2 News

Among the new technologies is an AFV called Carmel, a small, fast and deadly vehicle that is easy to operate and cheap to manufacture. According to MAFAT, only two soldiers are needed to operate the vehicle, which is equipped with a hybrid engine.

MAFAT is also working on developing drones equipped with firearms. These innovative drones can be used as makeshift snipers and will undoutedly surprise enemy forces in the field. It is estimated that the drones will be operationally tested in the next year.

MAFAT's unmanned submarine

MAFAT’s unmanned submarine Photo Credit: MAFAT/ Channel 2 News

Another impressive technology being developed by MAFAT is called Smash, an electro-optic system that drastically improves a soldier’s chances of hitting his or her target. When a firearm is equipped with the system, the soldier still squeezes the trigger but the gun only fires when the target is in the center of the sight.

Everyone is used to the UAVs but MAFAT is also developing unmanned submarines, which are tiny watercraft that will be used for scanning and mapping missions. In addition, large autonomous submarines are being developed for covert missions.

“MAFAT is trying to foresee the future battlefield both in terms of threat and technology,” said MAFAT head Brig.-Gen. (res.) Danny Gold. According to him, the threats Israel is facing have changed and thus new technologies are being developed.